Cotton Spoonk Mat /Eco Foam US Made/ top quality/ O list 2013 — NAVY

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SPOONK- TOP SELLER in retail, -Spoonk mat comes with 1 full size Spoonk + 1 complementary TOTE bag with OPTIMAL 6200 stimulation points ONLY ACUPRESSURE MAT on market that use ECO foam Made in USA / FREE FROM FIRE . In RESEARCH: performed by Dr. Zilberter in Hillsborough, NC; 98% reported pain relief, 96% reported relaxation, 94% reported improved sleep, RELIEF from lower, mid, and upper back and neck pain whether mild or chronic; Fibromyalgia and Sciatic nerve pain relief; Relieves a stiff neck and reduces shoulder pain; Helps decrease coccyx tailbone pain from sitting or driving long hours / increased circulation helps with inflammatory and arthritis pains/general relaxation help anxiety and negative mind set. OTHER BENEFITS: headache and migraine relief; stress relief; relaxation for body and mind; improvement in sleep quality and increase in energy levels. FEATURED: Oprah ”O” LIST, ELLE, VOGUE AU “ Miranda Kerr is not googling herself, she Googles for Spoonk Mat “, Dr. Oz Show Episode “Best Advices Ever “, FOOD BABE social media tweets “After one year Spoonk is favourite item in my household” RECOMMENDED by MD. MARK HYMAN for STRESS REDUCTION. Victoria Secret Super Model Miranda Kerr and others working in demanding show business industry use Spoonk on regular basis ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE on the Spoonk mat will help you unwind in 25 minutes on the mat, it is simple to use and nothing that plugs in or heat up. MAIN BENEFIT : Induces sleep and reduces pain .

Leading Brand- Sold in Whole Foods across North America! Featured in OPRAH January issue 2013 , Dr OZ May 2012 -as BEST ADVICE EVER! Experience Life, Merlin Denis Show, used by USA Olympic Triathlon Team LONDON 2012
1YEAR WARRANTY, 30-day money back guarantee
As seen on Oprah O list and Dr Oz’s Best Advice Ever: on O LIST in OPRHA JANUARY 2013 !

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