Absonic – Conductive Gel for Electrodes, Abs Stimulators, TENS, EMS, NuFace & Cavitation Devices – 2 x 250 ml (2 x 8.5 oz) – Paraben-Free

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Product Description


AbSonic is a conductive gel formulated for electrical signals, radio frequency signals, ultrasonic signals, and even light signals.

AbSonic - Conductive GelsAbSonic - Conductive Gels

The AbSonic conductive jelly will be your go-to for all your ultrasonic and electric stimulating applications.

Its unique formula makes it suitable for a wide variety of uses:

Abs & muscle stimulators
Cavitation devices
RF facial & body machines
Electrical facial massagers
Microcurrent devices
Light therapy devices

Trust AbSonic, the leader of conductive gels

Absonic conductive gel for electrodes, pads, cavitation and RF devicesAbsonic conductive gel for electrodes, pads, cavitation and RF devices

Hypoallergenic water-based formulation

Does not stain

Paraben-free, Phthalates-free




Cruelty-free – Not tested on animals

For Muscle Stimulation

When used for muscle stimulation (EMS, TENS or abs belt), the gel will improve the stickiness, flexibility and hydration of all types of hydrogels, pads and electrodes

For Skin Rejuvenation

When used for RF or cavitation applications, the Absonic gel will remove the thin layer of air between the device and your skin, and replace it with a much more conductive aqueous solution. The efficiency of your accessory is therefore increased tenfold

AbSonic gel for RF and Cavitation DevicesAbSonic gel for RF and Cavitation Devices

AbSonic Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

Say goodbye to tingling and burning sensations.

Just a few drops of AbSonic gel will significantly increase the comfort of using your device!

AbSonic for Abs Belts and StimulatorsAbSonic for Abs Belts and Stimulators

Improved Conductivity

Not only the AbSonic gel improves the conductivity of your favorite device, but it also increases their lifespan and effectiveness

⚡ The AbSonic conductive and transmission gel is specifically designed for Abs Stimulators, TENS, EMS, abs toning belts, muscle stimulating devices and electrodes. In addition to improving electrical transmission, AbSonic keeps your skin hydrated for the duration of your session. Your skin is thus protected from tingling and burning sensations.
💪 Two-bottle pack (2 x 250 ml or 2 x 8.5 oz) with “easycap” system for easy dispensing and extended shelf life.
🚀 Improves the conductivity of electrodes and pads. The gel also increases their lifespan, their stickiness and maintains optimal hydration and flexibility of all types of hydrogels. Compatible with Sport Elec, Slendertone, Abgymnic, ABtronic and Beurer fitness belts.
💧 Apply a few drops of AbSonic gel on your pads or TENS / EMS electrodes to greatly increase the comfort of use of your device. The efficiency of your device is also increased tenfold thanks to the unique formulation of AbSonic. Use Gel with AbSonic Sprays and Pads to optimize your training sessions
🌱 Paraben-Free – Fragrance-free – Dye-free – Phtalate-free – Silicone-free – Does not stain – Greasless – Water-Soluble. Moisturizes and softens the skin. Water-based hypoallergenic formula

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